No More Boring Beats – Weekly Homework Podcast #196

You know what’s great? Music. You what sucks sometimes? (insert previous answer here).

Music can be the most beautiful yet most divisive subject. Not everyone enjoys the same types or styles of music, but there’s one thing we all can agree on… repetition sucks. Today, the cost of investment is very low. For those who truly have a passion to create music, they can get in fairly easy. On the other side of that coin, the people that do it to look and sound cool or to cash in quickly, have the same low entry point. In many cases the factor that separates “the real from the fake” is quality. How much time or thought is invested in your product versus the next person.

With DAWs and Virtual Instruments, now it’s easier than ever to bang out a quick sequence or two. But the real magic happens when you go beyond. You can easily make a 4 bar loop then stretch it out to 2:30, but why?

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