Weekly Homework Podcast #1 | Beats

Here it is, peeps! The first of many Weekly Homework Assignment podcasts, brought to you by Computer Music Academy. The concept of the Weekly Homework Assignment is simple: Each week you’ll receive samples, sounds, plugins, etc, along with instructions on what to do with them. Turn it in within 7 days and most (if not all) submissions will be played on the Weekly Homework Podcast to be heard and critiqued by myself, the CMA community and many others. This week’s submissions are from:

18th Dynasty
B. Withers
Hush Soundz
Crooked Mystery Jazz
Fenix Reborn

The purpose of CMA is to help you make better music. Through multiple forms of education, practice, constructive criticism, and most inportantly, a strong community; this will happen. If you’d like to get involved and to see more content, visit CMA and join today.

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