Loading Custom Skins in Ableton Live

Loading Custom Skins in Ableton Live

Another great feature of Ableton Live is the ability to change the look of the software. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to select different skins and even load custom skins.


BluSkreen Custom Skins: http://bluskreen.com/sound-share/ableton-live-skins/

Sonic Transfer Custom Skins: http://sonictransfer.com/ableton-live-skins/

Sonic Transfer Ableton Live Skin Editor: http://sonictransfer.com/ableton-live-skin-editor.shtml

Mac Instructions: CTRL Click the Ableton Live application, click Show Package Contents. Copy the .ask files into – Contents – App-Resources – Skins. Restart Live

*Alternate PC Instructions: Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), type C:\ProgramData\Ableton\ into address bar, Enter, go to Live, Resources then paste .ask files into Skins Folder.

*use this only if the first PC instructions do not work

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